VOA Guild


                                      "women helping women"


The Guild is an auxiliary volunteer organization. Founded in 1996 by Irene Zarlengo to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Volunteers of America, this was the first Guild ever established to help raise funds for community programs operated by Volunteers of America.
The groups specific focus is on projects which improve the lives of women and their children living at Brandon Center and Theodora House. These are emergency shelters for those who have experienced domestic violence or homelessness. Since the time of its inception, the Guild has raised over $1.5 million for this purpose. Members organize special events, meals, clothing, health care and room renovations for the residents of Brandon Center and Theodora House.
As the Guild approaches its 18th anniversary in 2014 it will seek new members, new and innovative fundraising endeavors and celebrate the efforts of its pioneering leaders. The group will look for new ways to help the community and engage others in their important work.
In this website, you can find a description of the projects the Guild undertakes to support the shelters. Please join us in making a difference for the women and children of the Brandon Center and Theodora House!