4 Reasons to Donate Your Car

1. Selling is a hassle

Whether it's dealing with lots of phone calls and lowball offers from prospective buyers or the infamous trade-in offer that never seems to be as much as your car is worth, selling a car is not fun. Or maybe your car has not moved in months and you would have to spend hundreds of dollars in repairs before the car would be ready to sell. All of these are perfect reasons to donate your car.

2. We will pick it up

Setting up a pick up for your vehicle is just a phone call away. Call, 1-877-862-1227, or submit the online form and someone will come and pick up the vehicle from you within 48 hours, no hassle!

3. It is a Tax write off

When you donate your vehicle, you can receive an income tax deduction for your charitable gift. We make it easy by providing the donation documentation that you need for your records.

4. You'll be helping your neighbors

Your donation will go directly to help the over 62 human service Programs that Volunteers of America administers in our Colorado community. We have the resources to turn even the worst "junker" into valuable donations.

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