Back-to-School and on to the field

Forty-one elementary school students started the year off with a trip to the baseball field. The students from Sedalia Elementary's fifth and sixth grade classes got VIP treatment at Coors Field as a part of the Major League Baseball Players Trust, the Colorado Rockies, and Volunteers of America's annual Buses for Baseball event.

The 11 and 12-year-olds oohed-and-ahhed as they entered the empty Coors Field last Wednesday afternoon, August 19. They sat first row during batting practice and thanked all the players that came by to see them. Players stopped by to sign autographs and take pictures with the students, including Carols Gonzalez, Brandon Barnes, Charlie Blackmon, Jon Gray, Nick Hundley, ‪DJ LeMahieu, ‪‎Boone Logan, ‪‎Justin Morneau‪, Scott Oberg, ‎Ben Paulsen and ‪Chris Rusin.

I have to say, It is so rewarding to see these kids, some of whom have never been to any professional sporting event in their life, be so excited to be at a game and so appreciative. From every one at Volunteers of America, we are so grateful to all the players who took time to hang out with the kids. This is an experience they will truly never forget.

Before the game began, the students got nachos, hot dogs, cotton candy and more with the food vouchersprovided by Buses for Baseball. After they got their snacks, they headed up to their seat for the game. From the pregame events to the last inning, they cheered for the Rockies with excitement. Every child also went home with a Buses for Baseball t-shirt to remember the day by.

Buses for Baseball is a program of the Major League Players Trust that aims to give disadvantaged youth memorable experiences at Major League baseball games. An annual event in Denver for Major League Baseball Players Trust, the Colorado Rockies, and Volunteers of America, Sedalia Elementary participated this year for the first time.

Denver was the last of 15 different Buses for Baseball events in cities across the country, reaching a total of 750 young people. This year students in Arizona, Baltimore, Boston, Colorado, Detroit, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Minnesota, New York, Oakland, San Francisco, Saint Louis, Toronto, and Texas got the chance to attend Major League games thanks to Buses for Baseball.