How to leave a lasting legacy

James Gagliano knew a thing or two about ice. Besides living through Colorado's icy winters, Jim delivered ice for 35 years, mostly in downtown Denver. He delivered block ice, sack ice, and sculpture ice. He would start loading his truck about 3 o'clock in the morning and usually finished his route around 10 o'clock. Although only 5'4", Jim could carry a 50 lb. block of ice.

Jim had a long life which he attributed to exercise and good health, working out regularly. He swam at local recreation center pools and also walked five miles a day. All this boded well for Jim. He lived until age 95.

After his death, we learned that he had made a bequest in his will to Volunteers of America. According to his executor, "Jim thought highly of your organization, had contributed to it in the past, and was hopeful you could help those in need".

We are truly grateful for his generosity and compassion in providing for future generations to give them the opportunity for a new life. Through his bequest to Volunteers of America, Jim continues to help change the lives of the most vulnerable.