The Home Depot and Volunteers of America

Working together to change veterans' lives

The Home Depot has been a partner with Volunteers of America in a vision to change the lives of veterans for over a year. In 2011, The Home Depot contacted VOA with the desire to renovate a veteran's home. The Hull Family Renovation, shown below, was the start of a beautiful friendship. Since the original project, The Home Depot has partnered with VOA several times, awarded grants for Veterans's funding and landscaped our center for female veterans in Colorado.

Across the nation, the Home Depot Foundation and local stores have joined in the partnership with Volunteers of America's everywhere. We look toward a brighter future for our country's veterans' and with no end in sight, we are not stopping until we get the job done.

Mr. Frank Albert Noble's renovation to honor his mother

Frank Noble returned from combat to help his family and his mother in Denver. How, at 77, Frank needed some help. In The fall of 2012, he was the recipient of a Home Depot Celebration of Service project. Noble's home was in serious need of repair. His outside fence needed to be taken down and re-done, his home needed appliances and he needed help painting his living room gold, his mother's favorite color.

The Brandon Center/Theodora House Landscape Project

In the spring of 2012, The Home Depot's Women in Leadership Project renovated our center for Homeless Women Veterans and their children. The Brandon Center and Theodora House got a face lift and love when over 300 women volunteers descended upon the property to make it a place where anyone would want to live.

Local Home Depot's sent teams and team leaders to organize each section of the landscaping project. There was a team for mulch, a team for new fencing, a team for laying paving stones, etc. No section was left out and at the end of the week-long project, the center was beautiful.

The Hull Family Renovation

In late summer 2011, The Home Depot approached Volunteers of America with an idea. They had been renovating homes of veterans in need across the country and decided to do a home in Denver with The Mission Continues. Could we set them up with a veteran? As one of the largest nonprofits in Colorado, we have many veterans in our care. How to pick just one?

Eventually, we choose a family in dire need of a renovation. Mr. James Hull had been both a WWII and Korean War veteran. Mr. Hull and his wife also have a son, Michael, who is developmentally disabled. The entire family are clients in our Meals on Wheels Program. The Hulls, now in their eighties, could no longer keep up with the demands of their home.

It was a massive renovation. Two weeks of hard work by The Home Depot and The Mission Continues, countless volunteer hours and a lot of optimism transformed the Hull House. Today, the Hulls are delighted to be in a house that is clean, safe and comfortable. They are still Meals on Wheels clients and have help with small tasks around the house and cleaning. Thank you to The Home Depot and The Mission continues for making this story possible. Together, we can make a difference.

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