Volunteers of America scores big with the help of Major League Soccer All Star Day of Service

If you want to give a room a face lift, call the Major League Soccer staff; they do an outstanding job! During the recent Major League Soccer (MLS) All-Star Game, staff from MLS and their partners at Kroenke Sports and Wells Fargo came to renovation four rooms at Volunteers of America's motel for homeless families.

With new families coming in every week, the rooms were in need of a fresh coat of paint. MLS, Kroenke Sports, and Wells Fargo made it possible for the rooms to also be updated with new décor.

All a part of the All Star Day of Service, the volunteers showed up bright and early to paint. They quickly got to painting and having a little fun too. It felt like no time at all before the first room was completely painted, the second and third quickly followed. Because of their hard work, in what felt like a blink of an eye, all the rooms were finish!

Volunteers sorted out the decorations that would go in each room and unpacked the new goodies. Now it was time to fill the rooms with new blankets, towels, encouraging wall signs, sheets and more.

For a family who is coming in off of the streets or, maybe, just lost their home for the first time, moving into any shelter can be scary and unsettling. Having a clean, nicely decorated, and welcoming place can go a long way in comforting a family in a time of crisis. Thanks to work of the MLS All Star Day of Service volunteers, homeless families staying at the Volunteers of America's Family Motel have a truly beautiful and uplifting place to stay!