A Message From Our CEO

President and CEO

Dear Friends,

I am beyond excited and extremely grateful to join Volunteers of America Colorado Branch, a wonderful and leading organization engaged in the noble and worthy cause of providing hope and compassion to those most vulnerable in
our community.

I have long admired the hard work and leadership that Dianna and her team have accomplished in addressing those in need. I wake up each day in wonder and amazement at the breadth, depth, and results of our programs and our 350 plus compassionate, caring and smart employees who join over 18,000 volunteers to deliver these much needed services.

The people we serve are hungry not just for a meal, but more importantly, for a healthy relationship. Over my years of serving in this community, I have seen first-hand that a meal is a chance at a relationship and a relationship is a chance at a transformed and productive life.

At Volunteers of America Colorado Branch we serve up nearly 1 million meals annually and follow that up with incredible relationship building and life-giving programs that provide over 140,000 Coloradoans the opportunity for a transformed and productive life.

I want to thank our donors and volunteers, our wonderful employees and our very special residents, guests, and clients. Know that I am honored to serve you and committed to providing my very best to you each and every day.

David Schunk
President & CEO

  • 262,582

    hours served through Volunteers of America Colorado last year