Avoiding Holiday Scams

The holidays are a busy time for everyone - scammers and con artists included. During this special time of year, more people are willing to open their hearts and wallets to support various causes through donation. Unfortunately, there are many people who will completely fabricate or imitate charities to illegally collect resources for their own personal benefit.

To prevent this sort of fraudulent activity, it is important that everyone be knowledgeable and ask the proper questions before donating. Please follow the helpful tips below to ensure that your dollars are going directly to Volunteers of America Colorado.

Phone Scams:

  • Volunteers of America will NEVER solicit donations by phone. If you receive a phone call asking for money from us, please contact us at (303) 297-0408 to report the incident.

Email Scams:

  • Any email soliciting donations from Volunteers of America Colorado will come from an official VOA email address which is compromised of first name initial, last name, and @voacolordo.org. Ex.: info@voacolorado.org, elatimer@voacolorado.org, pgrayson@voacolorado.org
  • Any links in the email should direct you to our website voacolordo.org or a secure donation form at secure3.convio.net

Mailer Scams:

  • All mailers from Volunteers of America Colorado will have a returning address of 2660 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80205
  • The mailer should ask you to make your check payable to: Volunteers of America, 2660 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80205
  • Never send cash donations. It’s best to pay by check or credit card for security and tax purposes.

In-Person Scams:

  • Volunteers of America will rarely solicit donations in person.
  • Make sure you always ask for detailed information including address, mission, telephone number, and what program(s) the money is going to.
  • Do not give to any collector that seems uninformed, uneasy, or nervous while answering questions.
  • If unsure, call Volunteers of America Colorado at (303) 297-0408 to confirm that we are soliciting during that time at that location.