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  • The Irving Street Women's Residence

    The Irving Street Women’s Residence is a residential and support program designed to serve chronically homeless women (homeless for one continuous year or four (4) times in three (3) years) who are disabled or experience mental health issues.

  • Veteran HomeSmart Xcel Energy

    Many veterans have been affected by poor air quality while on active duty, causing health issues when they return home. Xcel Energy and Volunteers of America Colorado recently collaborated to provide a free HVAC system upgrade and whole-home air purifier to a Desert Storm veteran.

  • Ty Lawson and Father PSA

    Ty Lawson and his veteran father address the needs facing too many veterans and call Coloradans to support the new Veteran Service Center with donations.

  • Ty Lawson PSA

    Denver Nuggets player Ty Lawson calls for Coloradans to support the new Veteran Service Center.

  • Volunteers of America Colorado Branch "Helping America's most vulnerable"

    A look into the programs and services that allow Volunteers of America's Colorado Branch to meet the needs of Colorado's most vulnerable.

  • Meals-on-Wheels

    Volunteers of America Colorado Branch Meals on Wheels program.

  • Action Team with LaTroy Hawkins

    Colorado Rockies' LaTroy Hawkins partners with Volunteers of America's Action Team to serve youth.

  • Good Friday 2014

    Volunteers of America Colorado teams with Denver Rescue Mission on Good Friday to serve those in need.

  • VOA Veterans Managers on Colorado & Company

    Daleena Scott and Brenton Huston join Colorado and Company to discuss the Back Home Program and Women's Veteran Program, both Volunteers of America programs aimed at offering assistance to veterans.

  • Pie in the Face on Colorado and Company

    Murphy Huston gets a pie in the face on Colorado and Company as part of the annual Quarters for Kids Campaign.