Advocate: Resources

Advocacy Basics 

Check out the following resources for some basic information, strategies, and advice about how to become an effective advocate for our organization.

Contacting Your Elected Officials 

Legislators and other elected officials pay attention when their constituents take the time to express a viewpoint.  Phone calls, emails, and letters are all effective ways to let elected officials know that an issue matters to the people they represent. Help educate policymakers and advocate for Volunteers of America.  Contact your elected officials to inform them about the work we do to feed, shelter, support, and care for the most vulnerable Coloradoans.

Other Helpful Resources

  • Colorado Nonprofit Association’s Nonprofit Public Policy Toolkit. The Colorado Nonprofit Association has created this toolkit specifically for nonprofit advocacy in Colorado.  It provides information about how nonprofits can advocate and offers pointers for how to effectively work with public officials.
  • National Council of Nonprofits’ Advocacy Toolkit.  The National Council of Nonprofits’ toolkit provides a variety of messaging and advocacy resources for nonprofits.