VOA Colorado Volunteer Updates

How you can help:

1. Meals on Wheels: Volunteers of America will continue to deliver meals to homebound seniors to ensure they maintain access to nutritional food during this critical time. Volunteers are required to complete additional paperwork before delivering meals and pay a background check fee. Please contact Kacey Barnhart at kbarnhart@voacolorado.org or 720-264-3375 to learn more and get started.

2. Handyman for Seniors (flexible hours, must have handyman skills): The Safety of Seniors Handyman Program helps seniors live safely and independently in their own homes. Click here to learn more.

3. Snow Buddies and Yard Angels: This program helps seniors with shoveling snow or helping with yard clean up. Click here to learn more.

    4. How to help from home: Option 1 - Make cards for seniors. Our Meals on Wheels seniors are homebound and often isolated. Help cheer them up with a "thinking of you" card. The more creative the better but please no glitter. Cards can be dropped off or mailed to Volunteers of America attn: Meals on Wheels, 2660 Larimer St., Denver, CO 80205.

    Option 2 - Cards of Encouragement to Teachers and Parents

    Being a parent and teacher can be hard during the best of times. Now, during this COVID-19 crisis it is extra difficult. We are collecting Cards of Encouragement to parents and teachers that our Early Childhood Education Center staff will give out as needed. Cards can be funny, inspirations or words of wisdom. Be creative and send some well wishes to our amazing parents and teachers.

    Cards can be dropped off or mailed to:
    Volunteers of America ECE
    Attention: Letters of Encouragement 
    321 S. Yates St. Denver, CO 80219

    Option 3 - No-sew Blankets for the Homeless 

    Spring time in Colorado can still be very cold and that is hard on our homeless clients. Your family can help by making no-sew blankets. No-sew blankets are reasonably priced to make and easy enough for the whole family to help. Click on the button below for instructions on how to make no-sew blankets. Blankets can be mailed to or dropped of at the VOA Admin Building, attn: Bradley Craddock, 2660 Larimer St., Denver, CO 80205. No sew blanket instructions.

    Option 4 - Amazon Wishlists

    The Green Willow Project is a rapid rehousing program run by VOAC serving homeless survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Through this program, individuals and families work with their case manager to help find, secure, and maintain housing. Once in housing clients are in need of basic home necessities, like bath products, cleaning products and kitchen items. Your generosity goes such a long way, and we greatly appreciate your kindness in helping these survivors settle in at their new homes!

    Green Willow Wishlist

    Our homeless programs serve individuals, families, seniors, and veterans. We have a created an Amazon Wishlist of the items our programs are continually in need of in the winter. Any items purchased are shipped directly to VOA Colorado. Thank you!

    Homeless program Wishlist

    3. For group volunteer opportunities
    please contact Bradley Craddock at bcraddock@voacolorado.org

    4. Donation of Items: Volunteers of America is in need of several items to meet the increased demands on our services.

    Items Needed:

    • Food to make sack lunches - Bread, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Lunch Meat, Cheese, Condiments (in packets if possible), Prepackaged snacks, dessert items, bottled water, sports drinks, and juice.
    • Clean, used plastic grocery bags from healthy households
    • Cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, and personal protective gear (gloves and masks)
    • Non- perishable food

    All items can be dropped off at the VOA Mission- Click here for hours of Operation.

    5. Donate financially - resources for the most vulnerable people are needed now more than ever, any contribution can make a difference. These dollars will be put immediately to use. You can make an impact right now, donate here.

    * Volunteers of America Colorado does not offer court-ordered community service. We are unable to sign off on volunteer hours that are required by a court-ordered.

    Volunteer Opportunities in Northern Colorado

    1. Handyperson Program: Help seniors stay safely in their homes by providing minor home repairs and safety modifications for limited-income seniors. Program volunteers make it possible for elders and individuals with disabilities to keep living in their own homes by making home safety improvements (e.g. installing grab-bars, handrails, chair risers, wheelchair ramps, etc.). The handyman program needs volunteers throughout Larimer County. Especially in Fort Collins, Loveland and the surrounding area. The program offers a very flexible schedule with opportunities to help during the day, evenings and weekends.

    Resources for the most vulnerable people are needed now more than ever, any contribution can make a difference. These dollars will be put immediately to use. You can make an impact right now, donate below.

    Program Updates - 

    VOA Mission Update:

    • The Mission is still operating normally with regards to Church services and meals. If weather permitting we are doing Church and meals outside. Please click here for hours.
    • Front lobby operations are limited, and the door is locked. Mission staff are on site and are allowing individuals to come in two at a time to utilize services.
    • Denver Human Services is still on-site and accepting walk-ins one at time.
    • The clothing room is limited to necessity items only (e.g. socks, underwear, coats, blankets etc.).