Volunteers to Build Wheelchair Ramp for Loveland Man

July 20, 2022

Loveland, July 20— A quadriplegic since a car accident at ten months old, Eddie Lopez has spent his entire life confined to a wheelchair. And for the last several years, Eddie has been forced to rely on his partner Raelyn and other loved ones just to get in and out of his home. Volunteers of America Colorado aim to end that problem by building him a wheelchair-accessible ramp.

The work will come at no cost to Eddie. The materials, which generally are up to the client to purchase on their own, were in this case bought by Weifield, who will also perform the labor.

Services like these are organized by and made possible through Volunteers of America’s Handyman Program, which focuses on home safety through assessment, education, and repair. The goal is to reduce risk of injury from slips, trips, and falls by providing safety repairs and minor home maintenance for disabled adults and seniors on a fixed income. The Handyman Program collectively serves around 550 people and builds around 65 ramps a year in Larimer County alone.

Eddie and Raelyn are up for speaking on camera about the build and what it will mean for their lives, as will a VOA spokesperson.

Media Opportunity:

WHEN: Wednesday, July 20

Volunteers arrive at 9:00am. Build to last until around noon.

WHERE: 420 E 57th St. Lot 88, Loveland

VISUALS: Volunteers at work. Plenty of good construction nats. Eddie accessing his home for the first time without assistance.

If you cannot attend, but are interested in photos, please contact Jon Ewing. Additional information on Handyman program at Handyman Program | Volunteers of America (voacolorado.org)


Volunteers of America Colorado is a nonprofit, faith-based organization dedicated to helping those in need transform their lives. In 2021, VOAC provided 814,000 meals, housed and sheltered more than 9,000 people, and saw nearly 160,000 hours of service volunteered. Information on how to volunteer or donate can be found at voacolorado.org


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