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Supporting and Empowering People in Need 

Supporting and empowering people in need is a shared goal for all of Volunteers of America’s geographies and branches. With more than 50 critical human service programs throughout the state of Colorado, our ministry of service extends across the Front Range, into the Rocky Mountains, and on the Eastern Plains to help those who need us most. Volunteers of America’s Colorado Branch uncovers the unmet needs within our communities and creates programs designed to reach those who need our help. These programs not only assist individuals and families but provide them with the tools to become successful.

Areas to Get Help

Food and Nutrition Services

Volunteers of America has several different nutrition and food programs designed to assist individuals with their nutritional needs, families with emergency food, and food pantries and soup kitchens with staples, fresh produce, dairy, and baked goods.

Housing and Emergency Services

Our program services are offered for chronically homeless individuals, the mentally ill, low-income families, those who aspire to own their own home one day, women and children seeking refuge from a domestic violence situation, and female veterans dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder and more.

Veterans’ Services

At Volunteers of America, we have made it a focus to help veterans. Through partnerships with the VA and The Home Depot Foundation, we now operate two distinctly different programs to assist veterans and their families with everything from case management to housing and emergency services.

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