Earl & Carlos’ Story

Volunteer Programs

Mr. Earl (as he is endearingly called) has been volunteering at Volunteers of America Colorado for nearly a decade. He began at the VOA Mission, a daytime shelter that provides clients with food, clothing, resources and a safe place for relaxation. Mr. Earl fell in love with the holiday traditions at the Mission, like making emergency food bags, assisting with cookouts, and making sure no one goes hungry.

“As long as I’m helping someone, I’m happy,” Mr. Earl said.

Mr. Earl met Carlos when he began volunteering at City Harvest Food Bank, and the pair now work together four days a week sorting, packing, and distributing food to over 70 community pantries serving low-income families and people experiencing homelessness.

Carlos has been involved in the nonprofit world for most of his life, but his journey with VOAC’s City Harvest began over 15 years ago when he would pick up food donations for the senior center he previously worked for. At age 82, Carlos can proudly lift 50 pounds of any food item you request. That is just one of the benefits he says he enjoys while volunteering at City Harvest, as the work aligns with one of his many philosophies.

“‘For the grace of god go I’ – meaning, I could be the homeless guy in the corner if luck was not on my side,” Carlos said.

Carlos and Mr. Earl prefer to spend their days serving others because the work gives just as much to them as it does to others– volunteering at VOAC’s City Harvest and The VOA Mission gives them a purpose, a community and a best friend to serve alongside.

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