Camp POSTCARD (Peace Officers Striving To Create and Reinforce Dreams)

Camp POSTCARD (Peace Officers Striving To Create And Reinforce Dreams) is a free week-long camp designed to benefit the most deserving 11 and 12-year-olds from the city and county of Denver. For many of these youth, this represents his/her first camp experience and is a dream come true. This popular and successful Volunteers of America program has proven to be an important opportunity to build strong, positive adult /youth relationships and valuable life skills that serve the campers, their families, and their communities.

Camp POSTCARD establishes positive bonds between the youth and their adult counselors, which are law enforcement officials, criminal justice professionals, and emergency personnel. The experience provides a safe environment that stresses appropriate role models, ideals and values from the lessons of James Owen's Cowboy Ethics. Campers are allowed and expected to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas and learn the importance of self-respect and respect for others, teamwork, self-control and dignity.

Throughout the week, a variety of planned activities help youth build self-esteem, leadership and decision-making skills. This includes a number of specialized team-building activities and events. Youth also take part in activities such as archery, arts & crafts, hiking, and police demonstrations. Through this safe and positive environment, memories are created that last a lifetime.

For more information, contact Nicole Rogers
Phone: 303-297-0408, ext. 13102