Tom’s Story

Hunger Services

What makes Volunteers of America Colorado unique is how holistic our services are. We can help clients improve their lives and longevity by utilizing multiple programs to support their needs. Tom began receiving Meals on Wheels about six years ago after he was diagnosed with a disability. Tom remains as boisterous and positive as ever, and his bright personality shines with every story he tells—and Tom is full of stories! Tom is thankful for the Meals on Wheels program, especially because it is difficult for him to grocery shop. His delivered meals help keep him safe at home, and a friendly volunteer checks in on him weekly. 

Meals on Wheels offers more than just food. It provides isolated seniors like Tom other health and nutrition support like the Healthy Moves for Aging Well Program—a program designed specifically for home-bound individuals to help them maintain their independence and improve their quality of life. The Healthy Moves Program has given Tom something to look forward to each week. During the pandemic, Tom has turned his health and fitness habits into routines and has the self-efficacy to keep moving forward.

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