Jack and Joyce’s Story

Community Support Programs

Jack and Joyce met about 20 years ago at anice skating rink in Fort Collins. Joyce, being anavid ice skater, noticed Jack holding onto the rail, and she decided to visit with him—the rest is history. They still live in Fort Collins in a Senior living cottage and receive their groceries through the VOA Grocery Program. The Grocery Program connects seniors with local volunteers that pick up grocery items and deliver them to seniors that need a helping hand. Little did we know how useful this program would be during the 2020 pandemic, during which at risk populations have been encouraged to stay safe at home as much as possible.

“This program has helped us completely; we do not need to go to the grocery store as much, which Jack is still able to do at times, but it takes the physical burden off of things.”

Like so many of our other programs, it is more than just the delivery of groceries. Jack and Joyce value the weekly conversations they have with their delivery volunteers. It is truly a blessing when volunteers can not only help clients stay safe, but also form a relationship that they both can look forward to every week.

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