Robert’s Story

Robert can depend on Meals on Wheels

Robert is a Vietnam War Veteran and has been a Meals on Wheels client for 4 years. Like
many of our Meals on Wheels clients, Robert has difficulty doing day to day tasks that many
of us take for granted. For Robert, Meals on Wheels means that he can depend on both a
nutritious meal and a friendly face on a regular basis. Tom is a Meals on Wheels volunteer
that has been delivering to Robert since the beginning. Tom went above and beyond his
duties as a Meals on Wheels volunteer when he recognized that Robert had fines from the
city due to the overgrown vegetation in his yard. After much collaboration, the Volunteers
of America Yard Angels Program partnered with Home Depot to renovate Robert’s
yard and eliminate all of the city fines.

Why me? This is just incredible, I feel so thankful, said Robert.

Meals on Wheels is more than just a meal delivery service, it is about nurturing relationships
and building community to make sure everyone feels secure and significant.

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